Why do some People have Yellow Teeth?

There are many factors affecting the color of your teeth. One of the most important factors affecting the color of your teeth is actually your genes. If your mother and father have naturally yellow teeth, then chances are that you will have a similar teeth color.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

Among the primary reasons of yellow teeth (aside from your genes) are food, oral hygiene, and aging. Most of everyday food that we consume contains chromomeric ingredients that are used by manufactures to impart coloring. Food and drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, and certain fruits like berries contain color impurities which stain white teeth. Smokers should also be aware of the fact that tobacco is not only harmful but cause permanent discoloration. Secondly, poor dental hygiene is another major cause of concern. For adults, medical experts suggest using a combination of brushing and floss to remove plaque that may reside between tooth cavities. Besides these medical reasons, often times the cause is natural. For example, as someone grows old, the upper layer of enamel wears down exposing the yellow color of the underlying dentin layer. Certain diseases which require chemotherapy or exposure to radiation may also cause enamel layer to decay, overtimes. Excessive fluoride contamination can be a source of discoloration. Meanwhile antibiotics like Tetracycline are widely presumed to discolor teeth. Accidents at a young age may also explain permanent yellow teeth.

Tooth Whitening Methods
Whatever may be the cause, it is important to realize that tooth whitening products and clinical methods can deal with a majority of these problems. Depending on the method, treatment varies from one to eight weeks and effective results can take anywhere from one week to almost three years. The most common tooth whitening products are chair side bleaching, dentist supervised gel, crowning, veneers, over the counter gel, bonding, brushing and whitening strips. Clinical methods can cost from $300 to more than $1000 whereas other common products such as gels, rubbing alcohol and whitening strips are usually very cheap in comparison. Yellow teeth are a very common phenomenon which should not be a cause of major concern. Remember, if you have white stains, shade of gray or brownish hues then you should check with the dentist. If you are anxious about yellow teeth then most well known teeth whitening products should provide a permanent relief.

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