What causes white spots on my teeth?

Many things can cause white spots on the teeth. They can be a factor of nutrition, genetics, or an excess of fluoride intake. Sometimes they develop from braces covering areas of the teeth and the natural development of the tooth in children.

White spots on the surface of the tooth occur because teeth are constantly exposed to plaque. When plaque is left on the tooth for a full three weeks without proper brushing, the plaque bacteria begins to produce an acid. This acid wears away at the enamel of the tooth causing it to appear white. The most common group of people affected by this cause of white spots on teeth is people who have worn braces. After the braces are removed, the areas that were not easily reached with a toothbrush are exposed as whiter. Normal brushing will remove the plaque, but braces create a barrier that restricts where a toothbrush can reach.

People may have white spots on their teeth without ever having worn braces. It is important to look at the diet to determine what this cause of white spots may be. Often times it is the result of drinking fluids that are infused with vitamins and minerals such as sports drinks, vitamin waters, and fruit waters. All these drinks are extremely acidic and remove the minerals from the teeth. Even tap water that contains fluoride can cause white spots to develop.

Others notice that their white spots are primarily on the pointed tips of their teeth. Those who suffer from acid reflux are the most susceptible to this cause due to the fact that the acidity in their mouth is regularly higher than the average person. Again, even when it is secluded to the tips, the cause of white spots on the teeth may be because of personís diet. Eating many sour candies, lemons, and vinegar based foods eat away at the pointed parts of the teeth. Acidic drinks such as soda and lemonade are also common causes.

However, just as hair and eye color are determined at birth, the color of teeth and susceptibility to decay is also unique to each individual. What causes white spots on teeth is different for everyone. It may be the result of poor brushing, a highly acidic diet, or simply a natural variation of color.

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