What is laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening conjures up images of a painful process that might be carried out by a James Bond villain. The real-life procedure pales in comparison to the process envisioned by the overactive imagination. Repeated applications and expensive equipment that may or may not work, the process can be done in a single session. It also, unlike many other dental procedures does not result in a great deal of pain.

The patient sits down in the dentist chair. The dentist applies a teeth whitening gel and he points the laser at the teeth and the light removes yellow stains. The laser light is used to enhance the penetration of the whitening gel into your teeth enamel, thus improving the result of the tooth bleaching. The stains could come from coffee, nicotine or simply from years of eating certain foods. When the process ends, the patient leaves and does not need any further treatments in most cases.

This procedure offers another advantage over standard tooth whitening as well. The patient who undergoes this process does not need the extensive hardware used by other teeth whitening products. Porcelain strengthening products can be done at home, but the process is time consuming and requires the user to place items in his mouth. The comfort of these items varies greatly. Mouth trays and strips are the most commonly used teeth whitening devices.

Laser Teeth whitening offers another advantage over other types of tooth whitening procedures. A person with sensitive teeth may find it painful to use teeth whitening trays, tooth whitening toothpastes or other similar products. The laser process works well for people with sensitive teeth.

The procedure has one drawback over other systems, the initial treatment costs more than the tooth whitening trays, but it does not require follow-up treatment. The overall cost tends to be less than trays or strips. The procedure is still a relatively new technology and costs are a little on the high side, but the cost of the treatment comes down as the technology becomes more commonly available.

Laser teeth whitening is an ideal procedure for a person with a busy schedule. The procedure has indirect benefits for people who misplace small objects or are likely to forget where they put the needed equipment for other whitening procedures. The patient does not leave the dentistís office with any additional equipment.

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