What is at-home teeth whitening?

At-home teeth whitening is a way to lighten brighten and cover stains on your teeth (there’s even hope for the coffee and tea drinkers out there). In the past, teeth whitening was generally done by a dentist or other professional. However, at home teeth-whitening systems have become very common and easy to use. While there are a variety of methods of at-home teeth whitening, all of them use some sort of bleach, which can be applied in a few different ways.

One way to apply a whitening formula is by brushing it on. In this case, you would apply the whitening formula to a brush and simply brush it onto your teeth and leave overnight. Because you only have the formula on your teeth while sleeping, this won't prevent you from doing any other tasks or take up any of your time at all. While this is a very simple method, you have to make sure to keep your mouth as dry as possible so the formula doesn’t come off.

Another way to go about at-home teeth whitening is by using whitening strips. These are strips, for both the upper and lower teeth that contain the whiteners which you stick onto your teeth. There are varying concentrations of bleach and therefore, varying lengths of time and days these should be used for.

Thirdly, a whitening tray can be used. The trays hold bleaching gel and are, again, used on top and bottom sets of teeth. Similar to the strips, the bleaching gel comes in different concentrations and so length of time to use these varies.

So what is the best way to whiten teeth at home? That is all about personal preference. If speed and convenience is important to you, you may want to opt for the brushing method or the strips. If you want to make sure everything is evenly covered and have the time available, the trays may be your best bet. In any case, make sure you do your own research on what will be the best way of at-home whitening to fit your specific needs.

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